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Welcome To StemRx World

StemRx World is the brainchild of Dr PradeepMahajan. The head office is in India, where a dedicated team of clinical and research experts works 24/7 to develop innovative protocols for various untreatable conditions. The aim of StemRx is to be a significant contributor to regenerative medicine, cell, molecular and scaffold-based technology in India.

At StemRx, a vast range of multidirectional approach are employed comprising of education, research and therapeutics. They also have several academic affiliation and collaborations for various training, degree, PhD and fellowship programs with ITM, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) and Ohio State University (USA) for efficient knowledge transfer.

The strength of StemRx is the therapeutic application of cellular therapy. This therapy is applied for more than 75 conditions. Many patients happily admit to having received a new lease of life after undergoing personalized, holistic therapy at StemRx.

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Stem Cell Treatments

Our Mission

Dream and hope for all diseases using ‘A Living Drug Molecule’. By harnessing and regenerating the power of cells/stem cells/biological for research and therapy, that will lead to quality and longevity of life.

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